Brand Kickstarter

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Brand Kickstarter

Brand Kickstarter is a compact 3-part video training teaching you how to kickstart your branding process on the right track for a visually strong brand and stay consistent with it so that you can attract the right customers, make your small but mighty business stand out from your competitors and become a memorable and trusted brand your customers want to buy from.

S T A R T   T O D A Y !


Get ready to kickstart your brand creation process!

You'll learn:

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How to get started with your branding

Understand the foundations of branding, what it truly means, and where you must start the branding process of your business to get it right (and no, it's not your visuals)

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What you need for a cohesive visual look

An introduction to the visual assets your business needs for a cohesive and memorable brand identity and the best practices to follow with them.

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The four rules to a strong brand

Learn the four key rules to follow in order to make your brand visually strong and to stand out from your competition.

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How to stay consistent with your branding

Find out the three simple steps to consistent branding, and how to make sure they're always being followed.

In this mini-course you'll get access to:

Video lessons

3 Video Lessons

You'll get access to a value-packed video lesson each day for the next three days to teach you all the necessary foundations of branding in an easy and compact way.


3 Workbooks

Each lesson has a supporting workbook you'll get to keep to help you follow along the lessons and take notes so that you can easily keep a track of everything you've learned.

Brand Board Template

Surprise Bonus!

After completing all 3 lessons you'll get access to an exciting surprise bonus that will help you keep the momentum and implement all the learnings into your business!

Course Instructor

Meet your course instructor

Hi, I'm Saara! A coffee-loving brand designer and creative all-arounder on a mission to help coaches, consultants, course creators, and experts like you create and grow modern and successful brands online.

Good branding is an essential part of your business and by implementing these key steps I teach inside the Brand Kickstarter course you can elevate your brand to new levels of consistency, clarity, and credibility.

I created this course as a free resource after seeing the struggle many entrepreneurs have with understanding branding, its importance in your business, and knowing where to begin with it.

If you're ready to start taking the right steps toward a stronger brand that gets noticed, builds trust, and connects with your audience, I warmly welcome you to join and learn with me!

Let's get started!

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